Crèche International Kindergarten

  • By provide a safe, happy child-friendly facility that nurtures wholesome growth of the child
  • By allowing the children to play and learn at their own pace, enhancing confidence and self esteem
  • By providing the children with healthy balanced diet to promote healthy growth
  • By using updated child friendly material and equipment to bring knowledge to the children
  • By employing qualified teacher who excel in their profession to care for and nurture the children
  • B engaging the parents to be pro-active and encourage them to work closely with the staff at Crèche
  • By encouraging good virtues
  • By constantly enriching our knowledge through reading, in-house workshops, refresher courses etc.
  • By celebrating our different cultures to promote harmonious living
  • By being open to suggestion, criticism and new ideas which will benefit the children at Crèche

To provide top quality childhood care and education, in an excellent child friendly environment, at a reasonable cost, so as to produce young adults who make a positive impact to the society.

The School

Our facility is purposely built for children. We have large, carpeted, well lit classrooms. Our grounds are spacious, offering ample space for play and fun for the children. We have child-sized bathrooms & washbasins which encourage the children to use and be independent from the on-set. At Crèche, cleanliness is emphasized with quality control on the wet areas done hourly.
We are located in the serene location of Nyari Estate, which is easily accessible and with reach of the UN offices, Village Market and many up market estates.

Crèche is run on the foundation stages of the British curriculum. We apply the Waldorf method in storytelling. This combination provides an optimal learning environment for the children. Each child is approached an individual and allowed to learn at its own pace.
Our approach concentrates on the language, intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development of the children. Catering for the areas of their development, builds on the child’s self-esteem, fosters positive thinking, introduces good values from the early beginning and gives the child a sense of achievement.
What Makes Crèche Special?
We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities including arts & crafts, indoor and outdoor sports, Monkeynastix, swim lessons, learning to play a music instrument etc. Parents are encouraged to participate in our practical life lessons e.g. cookery, picnics, cultural events.
We offer healthy, well balanced meals with a snack at 10am and lunch served at 12.30pm
We offer safe and reliable school transport within a radius of 5km from the Crèche.

The Crèche Family

Crèche has an intake to children from over 30 nationalities! This means that the children are exposed to many different cultures from the onset, which later translates to tolerance and respect to people of different backgrounds. Cultural differences are celebrated at the Crèche.

We offer a maximum of 4 weeks of summer camp during the month of August and two weeks during the month of December every year whereby children are encouraged to take part in various activies in a relaxed atmosphere. Activities include fashion shows, pottery, arts & crafts, bike rides, cookery lessons, practical life lessons, educational field trips etc.


Our placement policy of ‘one child per week’ allows a new child to settle in easier and with less tears! Parents/guardians/nannies are allowed to come to the Crèche in the first weeks when a young child starts attending, just to ease the transition.

We emphasize on respectful discipline, fostering self-confidence.
Our atmosphere is always relaxed, with happy children having fun learning.
If you are looking for a cozy, happy pre-school for your child, then Crèche should be your first stop.