Crèche admits children from the ages of 12 months. Admission is based on prior registration, with siblings having an added advantage. A one-off non-refundable registration fee is payable on registration and 50% of the terms’ fee paid in advance on confirmation of admission.


All children placed at the Crèche must have their immunization up to date and documents to prove same must be provided at time of admission. These records are to be updated as the child grows. Sick children MUST be kept at home. Parents of children with communicable diseases must inform the Crèche who will in turn inform all parents in case of expose to the same.

Car Sticker System

Only cars bearing the Crèche car sticker will be allowed in our premises. The sticker is to be placed on the windscreen, where it is clearly visible. Parents driving cars with tinted windows are required to roll down the windows to enable our guard see who is in the car.


Children will only be released to their parents during pick-up time. Parents wishing for their children to be picked by other people, must write to the Crèche on the day of the pick-up before 11am, indicating name of person and relationship to the child.

Car Park

The Crèche has very limited parking spaces. During drop-off, parents are required to leave their child with the teacher on duty and exit the parking as soon as possible. Parents wishing to walk-in with the children are requested to park outside and walk in with the children.


Parents are to provide the school with current telephone number, email address and physical address of their residence. This should be updated as necessary. Contact names and phone numbers of next of kin are also important.

Kindergarten Fees

Kindergarten fees is payable quarterly, in advance, on or before the 5th day of the term. Cheques are to be drawn in the name of CRECHE INTERNATIONAL. No refund of fees is made for absences of illness or infections, or any other cause whatsoever. Parents withdrawing their children during the term time to go on leave are still liable for a full terms’ fees.

Notice of Withdrawal

One full terms’ notice and reason for withdrawal, in writing, is required prior to the withdrawal of a child from the Kindergarten, or a full terms’ fees are required in lieu of the notice.


Concerns Channel

Crèche has an open door policy and any issues, concern or complains are dealt with at the office. Parents are encouraged to talk to the office before engaging on issues with fellow parents. Creche provides one afternoon (Tuesdays) in a week for parents to raises any pressing issues with the child’s teacher.